Rainbow hair is so hot right now – would it fit you?

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 The rainbow hair trend isn’t going anywhere. The colorful hairstyle is trending everywhere, with our favourite celebs and models going bold and stepping out with bold hair colours. It’s constantly changing and adapting – mainly because it’s endlessly adaptable. No matter what the length, color, or texture of your hair is, there’s a way for you to rock different hair colors in one look.

The beauty of the Rainbow Hair trend is that there is more than one way to pull it off and it gives you the option to choose the method that is perfect for just you. If you thought that only celebrities can rock rainbow hair, think again. There’s no reason to resign yourself to a normal coif — you don’t need a glam squad to achieve wildly vivid waves or colorful curls.

Here´s a few ideas, but remember that when it comes to rainbow hair, the possibilities are endless and your and your stylists imagination is key to best creations.

Neon rainbow

The combination of balayage and ombre here creates a rather rave-worthy effect, with the hair colors moving from blues, pinks and purples into greens, oranges and yellows towards the end, a very summer-perfect look that revels in the colorful attention.


Cotton candy tresses

This girl is truly a unicorn. The pastel ombre is visually breathtaking. Her hair literally looks almost good enough to eat. Starting with a platinum base is essential for hair like this. It looks like the baby blue fades into soft yellow here, but you could also stick with blonde ends.


The rainbow on fire

This hair is a work of art. The colors blend seamlessly, the bleeding is perfect and purposeful, and these shades look breathtaking together. Copy this hair and you will burn so brightly – everyone will be afraid to touch you.


This weeks SO goes to @lysseon for her amazing cuts and colors.. Please go show love 2 @lysseon If you'd like a SO hashtag #hairgod_zito

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90´s nostalgia hair

This is the rainbow hair daydream of every Lisa Frank-loving, Caboodles-carrying, Manic Panic-abusing ’90s girl on the planet. Those colors are electrifying, and they’re pretty on-trend, especially that to-die-for turquoise.


Tie-Dye Design

You will need a lot of rainbow hair dye for this look. A lot. There is a different color everywhere and the blending is unbelievably on-point. Devote a huge block of time and some serious patience to this task. With the right skills, you’ll end up with some stunning tie-dye locks.


Hidden rainbow ?

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Hidden rainbow

Instagram and snapchat are going crazy about the hidden rainbow at the moment. Rainbow hair fades fast, so tucking it beneath your natural color is a smart way to try a more low-maintenance take on the trend. Choose this and you are more of a trendsetter than follower.


Color meets subtlety

There’s no rule insisting that your particular rainbow has to be blindingly bright. You can keep it subtle without holding back on the color. Keep your base dark or chestnut brown like in this example and fill in your rainbow with the colors you like.



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