Hairstyles that are about to slay in 2017

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Keep right up to date with approaching hair trends for the remaining 2017. As I celebrate my 20 year milestone in hair business, I thought: Hey, why don’t I make my own hairstyle predictions for a change.

There’s no better way to welcome the new year on, than by sitting down in the stylist’s chair and reinventing your look. New year, new ‘do. Let this be the year you say yes to a big refresh.

While 2016’s most popular looks were mostly about throwback styles. In 2017, we’re looking to the future. This is the year to go for those layers or test-drive some eye-grazing bangs — which is perfect for those out there who are afraid of a major chop.

Living and working on the northern beaches of Sydney Australia, I’ve experienced an early summer and seen a lot what clients are asking to get those summer looks. While winter is still keeping hats and scarfs on in most parts of the northern hemisphere, we here in OZ are still embracing that beach hair. So if you are looking for inspiration you’ve come to the right place. Ahead, you will find few hair trends you’ll totally dig for 2017. Better start booking your appointments now…



That shag just might the hottest haircut of the year. It has been seen on the covers of all fashion mags as well sported on the runways at the fashion shows, the A-listers are also going gaga for this one.

It’s ideal for a hair that has a bit of a wavy texture and it works very well with a thicker hair. If you have crazy fine hair, i would skip this one and maybe go more to the bob-route.  The shag works best with just a one color hair but some balayage-ish implementations might work with people with a bit more finer hair.

Shags come in all shapes and sizes — including this wavy, slightly longer take on the style. Photo by: Christian Vierig

The shag has been around for ages. Last trend wave with this do was around 10-15 years ago. Since then we sort of wandered away from those short layered cuts but it’s definitely making a huge comeback.

It is an effortless cool look, that can be sported with either long sluggish fringe or a bit more shorter front section. The key is to aim all the layers on the crown area and to feather it down at the ends, leaving the middle area with the most volume.



We have been eyeing on the transformation of the bob-haircut for quite some years now, we have seen Long bobs, short bobs, and everything in between.

Now we are looking for just a blunt one length bob rise to fame. One length bob is a great way to get rid of any old layers and it eliminates any old style you might have been rocking but grown tired of.

For those that like the feeling of a shag, but skew more polished, let this razor-sharp one length bob and thick, eye-grazing bangs inspire your next cut. Photo by Christian Vierig

It’s also a great cut to get when you are aiming to grow your hair out. The key to get this cut into 2017 is to get it cut just above your shoulder and it should compliment your jawline. This cut is super easy to maintain and style because you need zero effort to keep this look modern, whatever is your hair type. If it’s properly cut you can either be a messy bedhead or a sleek boss lady.



As a big fan of natural looks, i predict this trend won’t die anytime soon. We the people are more and more concerned about the planet, the toxic ingredients in beauty products, wellbeing of animals in example the vegan-trend, organic produce sales are at it’s all time high and we just seem to care more about the little big things that matter.

I personally have been on the organic wagon for quite some years now and seen a huge increase of clients asking me, how can they reduce their exposure to the harsh chemicals, how can they implement little changes in their everyday beauty routines to minimize their personal impact on the environment as well as for their own exposure to certain chemicals.

So, how do I make sure I teach my client’s about their options to be more conscientious about their hair coloring choices? My go to alternatives for coloring hair with minimal or zero synthetical ingredients is henna, you read it right, the henna.

Natural henna is a good way to achieve fade-proof reds.

The key to be successful dealing with henna based colors is to make sure it has no synthecial ingredients added in. No ppd, no perfumes, no nasty parabens or metallic salts, but just your plain old henna (Lawsonia Inermis). You can also ask your qualified ecologically trained stylist to mix henna with cassia to tone down the copper hues, or even a plant called indigo to achieve a bit more darker looks. Just remember that darker henna based colors are impossible to remove and sometimes red henna might take a while too to get eliminated successfully. Make sure you always mention your hair color history to your stylist, so she’ll/he’ll won’t be surprised.

Some ecological hairstylists like myself like to play with different natural add-ons such as red wine, coffee, apple cider vinegar, honey, rhubarb root or even avocado stones to neutralize or highlight some tones found in these colors. Sadly, no bleaching or going more blonde can be achieved with 100% natural products.

If henna is not your route to take,  you can also be more mindful when choosing your regular hair colors by supporting all vegan products, look for added organic or even biodynamic ingredients, go with hair coloring ranges that have stripped most of the harmful chemicals away, such as resorcinol, parabens, phatalates, DMDM hydantoin for example. Remember to support salons that recycle everything and offer you a certified all organic haircare products to take home.



We’ve seen all colors embraced in these few past seasons and it’s going nowhere. We’ve seen my-little-pony hair, unicorn hair, mermaid hair, and even hidden or not so hidden rainbows. To take this trend to the 2017 is to aim for more sophisticated look rather than too-bright-to-look at tones.

Blorange is the hottest tone to get right now. Photo by Christian Vierig

This trend is a great way for blondes to explore the pastel hues as they seem to wash out quite quickly, just beware of blue or green tones, as they tend to stick to the more porous areas of the hair and are almost impossible to get out. So your minty-green look, might be a look that you are stuck with for a while.

Natural hair with a hidden rainbow. Cool way to get some uniqueness incorporated into your conservative look. Photo/hair by Anni Sirvio

Hidden rainbow type of color placement is good for people who like to add that extra kick for their otherwise natural or more conventional look. I predict that the pastel trend is gonna be around a while and the some more vibrant tones and bright colors are seen placed carefully to compliment your personal style and give it that extra kick.

After a period of pinks and lavenders I’m happy to see Blorange, sherbet, rose gold  and canary yellow stealing the spotlight from those cooler tones.



The day has arrived that having a “too-long” waist length hair is seen as trendy. It might not be an easy task to get it colored and it won’t come cheap if done professionally, but you have millions and millions ways to style your butt-lenght hair in the 2017.

Lady on the left is killing it with those beach waves and a good cut. While the beautiful girl on the right has the length but really needs a good cut.

The key to rock this hair style is to have a good cut in it. Even the ultra-long hair needs to be cut to look modern and it is easier to maintain . You should also pay attention to take good care of your long locks, make sure you brush all the tangles out daily, have an Olaplex stand alone treatment monthly and take Olaplex #3 home and remember to use it weekly to ensure you hair is and stays strong.

Do not go for DIY box colors to get a color done cheaper, but be willing to pay bigger bucks for a skilled stylist to compliment your precious ultra-long do. If you can only dream about growing your hair out to that ultra length, there is always the extension route to take.



Oh, how do wish I could rock this look myself, but since i happen to have “cowlicks” all over my hairline, I’ll have to be satisfied for just cutting them for my clients. I have always adored this look, since Audrey Hepburn iconic baby bangs.

Audrey Hepburns iconic baby bangs

But as with all trends, there’s a right way and a wrong way to execute the look. Baby bangs aren’t for the faint of heart or the lazy girl, and if you want them to look good, be prepared to do your share of high maintenance. Having that micro fringe is a super big commitment and if you are not ready to commit, don’t do it. Also, growing them out can be very painful (trust me, I know).

Cool baby bangs at the NY fashion week Photo by: Christian Vierig

Baby bangs  might just be the coolest way to pimp your look, if you are not ready to do a total chop-off . Remember that it’s also like a gym membership type of commitment, you actually need to do the work for the look. Baby bangs can be either an extra eye-catcher on a longer hair, or a part of a shorter cut. Do not go the DIY route on this one but be brave and go for the baby bangs in 2017.



The mullet is such a fun cut. It used to be a laughing matter seeing old pictures from the 80’s or the mullet was only seen on eastern european ice hockey players. Now, it has reborn with more sophisticated look, and can be either on the edgy side with a visibly shorter front or as a subtly gradually getting longer in the back.

How to keep it from looking tacky or too circa 2002 is to let the texture of your hair to do it’s thing. Do not over do it with styling products and steer clear from anything too shiny or gelly. Just go with a dry shampoo/ dry texturizer and your all 2017 with your mullet.

The cut also has to be done right, a lot of point cutting is involved. The 2017 way is to combine mullet with either baby bangs or with a heavy blunt fringe that sits just above your brows or your third option is the more gradual softer look.


The infamous balayage way of coloring hair is here to stay. There are multiple techniques to achieve the subtle low maintenance color that balayage is. It’s my favorite technique! It let’s me be creative and artistic with my coloring yet, I get to see the amazing results that this technique provides to my clients.

Carefully placed blonder bits around the face will compliment your skin tone. Photo by Sal Salcedo

As it is a very challenging technique be very careful when choosing a stylist to perform this technique on your hair. I’ve seen too many BADAYAGE colors that have just been too awful and requires a lot of work and money to be fixed. So be sure to go see a stylist that is experienced on Balayage.

Olivia Palermo not looking happy but her hair is on point pic by: Christian Vierig

Balayage on 2017 is more and more subtle. The color should just glide from darker to lighter towards the ends. No more of that too visible difference between the tones as seen with the ombré trend few years back.

Hair painting with the right products, brushes and techniques are essential to be successful. So stylists, be ready to be fully equipped because this trend is here to stay and clients be sure to book enough time and money, but also have in mind that even though balayage delivers low maintainance colors it takes a lot of work once you are seated and your stylist is all ready to deliver.

There are multiple stages in the coloring process and it takes time. Also be realistic on what you are after, if your hair is black box dyed don’t expect to get your locks silver white at the ends on your first visit.

So here’s my recap of the trends that are bubbling right now. What so you think? Do you have some fun memories of the mullet? Or what are your go-to Balayage products? All comments welcome.